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BODY PARTS  (aka Natural Chews)
 Nothing but the good stuff!  No preservatives, salt, wheat, corn, or sugar!  Nothing that has ever been on the continent of Asia.  
We also carry no rawhide, ever.  All of our body parts are digestible and safe for all ages.  And the dogs love them!  

You'll find even more at our store!
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Ark Naturals Dental Chews


All natural dental chew for dogs. Helps prevent dental decay, plaque, tartar and bad breath.

Bully Horns
100% Natural Bully Horns from Water Buffalo Free Range Cattle. Excellent source of protein and minerals. Promotes healthy teeth & gums. Long-lasting dog chew (comparable to deer antlers).

   Bully Sticks (Beef)

Long lasting all-natural chew! 

They will start chewing at one end and work their way down enjoying every minute of it!  The bully stick is all muscle and very tough - they won't break off pieces.   

Also, they do not make a mess!


All bully sticks are not created equal.  Our bully sticks come from free range, grass fed South American cattle that are given NO hormones, NO antibiotics, and NO animal by products are added to their diets like U.S. and Canadian cattle that are kept in feed lots.


Our bully sticks meet all USDA standards and are never smoked or basted - they are 100% natural.


We believe that your dog deserves the very best.





Flat Esophagus (Beef)

 A great chew for any sized dog.  One of Benny's favorites!










 Cow Ear

Flavors: Cherry, Blueberry, Peanut Butter, Vanilla, andSmoked

A great alternative to pig ears.  These ears are not greasy and thus are a lot less fatty.  This also makes them less likely to slip down the dogs throat and be swallowed whole.  Healthier, and just as yummy (please use the drop-down menu to select flavor).


Lamb Ear

 Another great alternative to pig ears.  Again, these are much lower in fat and more easily digestible.  They are also an awesome option for dogs with beef or pork allergies. 


Lamb ears are smaller than cow ears, and perfect for any size dog.





Achilles/Curly Tendon

 100% Beef Achilles/Curly Tendon (similar to the discontinued Y-Tendon)

Extra chewy tendon that slows dogs chewing down.




 Naturally Shed Antlers make the perfect long-lasting, non-splintering, non-smelly chew!

 (We're sorry - size small is no longer available for online ordering due to frequent shortages.)