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Jamie and Hilal


Jamie is JP's little sister.  From about age 8, she grew up with a black lab, Jesse.  When Amy and JP got Vixen, Jamie (and her sister and mom) got Buster, a small tan mix.  They also have two cats, a tuxedo named Puddin, and a tabby named Pete.  Jamie mostly grew up in Raleigh, attending Douglas and Greene Elementary, Durant Road Middle School and Southeast Raleigh High School, where she developed a true love for dance. Deciding to major in Dance, Jamie chose to attend the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, which is where she met Hilal.


Hilal went to Reid Park Elementary School in a French immersion program and graduated from Smith Academy of International Languages and Harding University High School with an International Baccalaureate Diploma. Hilal majored in International Business (Marketing concentration) with a minor in English (fiction writing), and got to study abroad in Lyon, France.


The timing was great as these two college students needed a job, and JP and Amy needed some help at Unleashed.  Amy & JP knew that they could count on these two bright young people to learn all about dog nutrition and much more.  They have truly blossomed into very knowledgeable dog lovers. 


While living in dorms, they are not able to have dogs for themselves permanently, so they decided to foster a dog over the summer while working at Unleashed and living at home.  They picked out an adorable puppy from the pound whose name happened to be Benny.  They changed it to Danny, potty trained him, socialized him, and found him a great new home.  The rest of the summer, and weekends home during the school year, they spent pampering Buster, Puddin, and Pete who couldn't be happier that about their job choice.


Over winter break 2010, they rescued two dogs from chains.  Daisy, the solid black one, quickly found a great home.  CiCi, the black and white border collie mix, tested positive for having Heartworms.  Fortunately, Best Friends Pet Adoptions animal rescue agreed to take her in.  Jamie and Hilal continued to foster her through her Heartworm treatment and then took her to her new foster home once school resumed. By June 2010, CiCi had fully recovered and was adopted! She found a permanent home as Maddie!


After Jamie & Hilal moved out of dorms, they became the proud owners of a cute little Maltese named Missy! (Amy & JP decided that she would be in good hands).


Hilal graduated from UNCG a semester early in December 2010 and by March 2011 became a full-time asset at Unleashed.  Jamie graduated in May 2011 and also became a full-time asset at Unleashed.  We were so very grateful that their college summer jobs turned out to be so much more and that they are now full-time, knowledgeable managers.  They fully embraced the Unleashed philosophy and added to it in so many ways.  While studying dance or business, I think it's safe to say they learned just as much about canine and feline nutrition and behavior.  During that time, they also added to their own family.  After a brief time fostering a fluffy Pomeranian from Best Friends Pet Adoption, they decided to adopt him and named him Fozzie.  Also, while working the Unleashed booth at the NC State Fair in October 2010, they decided to rescue one of the litter of stray kittens that was born at the fairgrounds.  She is a small, all-black cutie named Guenhwyvar, or "Guen" for short.  In August 2011, Jamie and Hilal became store managers, with Jamie at our Lake Boone location and Hilal at our Stonehenge location. And on September 23rd, 2011, Hilal and Jamie were married!