Sophie Burkhead

Assistant Manager, Unleashed City Market

About Sophie


I was born and raised in High Point, North Carolina with a childhood full of hamsters, fish, birds, rabbits, horses, cats and dogs. I believe I was born with an innate love for animals and a passion for helping others as this is what has always brought me immense joy. When I was 11, my mother moved us to the concrete jungle of NYC where I’d hang out with squirrels and pigeons to get my fix of nature and animals. I’d always dreamed of becoming a veterinarian but one day, I had to face the fact that I’m far too sensitive to deal with the sickness or death of an animal on a daily basis. I thus decided to pursue my college career studying psychology and child & adolescent mental health studies at New York University. There, I took a course on complementary and alternative medicine which initiated my interest and openness to holistic healthcare. 

Upon graduating, I moved back to NC to be closer to family and with me, I brought our family dog and my very best friend, Zemi. She is an Old English Sheepdog with unfailing loyalty, love and playfulness. I’m her human, she’s my girl and nothing comes between us. After living in Raleigh for a month or so, I ventured to Unleashed at City Market to start purchasing her food and a few months later,I began working there and became a part of the amazing team. After 6 months of being at Unleashed, a small, black terrier mix someone had been fostering came into the shop and I immediately fell in love. A few days later, I went and picked him up from Saving Grace and Kermit became a part of our family. He was an insecure guy with a broken past but we’ve slowly built his confidence and provided him with constant love and reassurance. He enjoys sleeping under blankets, going on adventures and being carried like a baby. 

With 2 dogs and no cats, my partner and I were waiting for one more addition until an awesome customer went to rescue 30 cats and 12 dogs from a shelter on the coast that was threatened by Hurricane Dorian. On his way to a vet in Charlotte, he stopped in Raleigh so that we could help feed the cats, clean their crates and ultimately, choose a cat of our own. It was not an easy choice, but Freyja chose us when she reached her paw out of the crate and swatted at our feet. She is a very sweet, brave kitty with a big appetite and a mind of her own.  

I’ve always wanted to work for a small, local company that represents my own beliefs and Unleashed is all that I’ve dreamed of. All the knowledge I’ve acquired and continue to acquire through trainings, personal experience and from others, I will forever cherish and carry with me throughout my life. It’s my passion to give a voice to the voiceless, to make pet owners aware of the importance of nutrition and natural healthcare. And, I hope to continue to learn, grow and help others throughout many years in this ever-growing field. 


        2460 Wycliff Rd. 27607


       7414 Creedmoor Rd. 27613


       329 Blake St. 27601


       4325 Glenwood Ave. K2- Kiosk 27612


       Please note this is a mall kiosk: selection is limited & hours vary.


        2066 Kildaire Farm Rd. 27518


        1105-H8808 Walnut St. 27511


        Special Note: This location is part of a Pet Adoption and Outreach Center! This location carries supplies for additional pets and follows mall hours.


        1319 Military Cutoff Rd. 28405


        2 South Front St. 28401


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