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Purchaser, Office Manager

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Jamie is JP's little sister, and Elizabeth's twin.  She has always had pets growing up, and was usually referred to as Elmyra as a toddler.  Jamie mostly grew up in Raleigh, attending Douglas and Greene Elementary, Durant Road Middle School and Southeast Raleigh High School, where she developed a true love for dance. Deciding to major in Dance, Jamie chose to attend the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, which is where she met Hilal.


The timing was great as she needed a job, and JP and Amy needed some help at Unleashed.  Amy & JP knew that they could count on her to learn all about dog nutrition and much more.  She has truly blossomed into a very knowledgeable dog lover.


While living in dorms, she was not able to have dogs permanently, so they decided to foster over summer breaks. They successfully fostered a few dogs throughout their college career.


 Jamie graduated in May 2011 and became a full-time asset at Unleashed. While studying dance, it's safe to say she learned just as much about canine and feline nutrition and behavior. In August 2011, Jamie became store manager at our Lake Boone location. And in September 2011 Jamie and Hilal were married!


January of 2015 Jamie moved into the Unleashed office and became the purchaser for the company. While she loved being in the stores, it was time to focus on a new adventure of being a mom. Hilal & Jamie welcomed their miracle baby in June 2015. Jamie is happy to be able to spend time with Joey, and still be a part of the company she loves. You can find her and Joey at the Warehouse. With Jamie leaving Lake Boone, it left a gap that only another Chami could fill. Hilal took her place and is now district manager of 3 Raleigh locations (Lake Boone, Stonehenge, and Crabtree).


Enough about the humans, you want to know about the fur babies!

Guen: The first fair kitty. Hilal & Jamie were living in an apartment in Greensboro their Senior year of college and desperately wanted a cat. They had both always grown up with both dogs and cats, and felt like something was missing. Every year Unleashed sets up a booth at the State Fair. A busy event, it’s nice when we can go outside to take a break or eat lunch. There had been talk of kittens outside at the shed near the fairgrounds office and Hilal decided to investigate. That night before closing up Hilal talked Jamie into going outside and trying to catch one of these kittens. It was only a few minutes before Hilal had lured out a tiny, black kitten and shoved it into Jamie’s arms. There was no going back, they packed her up and brought her to the vet the next day. She was 8 weeks old and was promptly named “Guenwhyvar” or “Guen” for short. Guen has turned into a sweet, shy cat who is the best bug catcher in the house.


Cora: Cora is the second fair kitty. Exactly one year after catching Guen, Hilal decided she needed a brother or sister. Jamie was working at the store, while Hilal was working a fair shift, when she got a call right before she was about to leave for the day. She was told to grab a cat carrier and come to the fair. She said no, but did it anyways. Once she pulled into the parking lot, Hilal ran up to the car with a tiny tabby kitten. Again, she couldn’t resist and took the kitten home. She was named “Corazon” or “Cora” for short. Cora has turned out to be the most affectionate cat of the house. She is usually cuddling with Jamie or Joey, most likely making up for the mischief she causes throughout the house.


Draco: The dog of the house. Draco was a 4 month old lab pit mix puppy that was on his way to the shelter when Jamie & Hilal decided to foster him. It wasn’t long before they figured out he would be a foster failure. He has turned out to be a very happy, playful forever puppy. He has also really flourished under his new role as big brother. He’s taught Joey to run and greet company at the door and hide toys under the couch!


        2460 Wycliff Rd. 27607


       7414 Creedmoor Rd. 27613


       329 Blake St. 27601


       4325 Glenwood Ave. K2- Kiosk 27612


       Please note this is a mall kiosk: selection is limited & hours vary.


        2066 Kildaire Farm Rd. 27518


        1105-H8808 Walnut St. 27511


        Special Note: This location is part of a Pet Adoption and Outreach Center! This location carries supplies for additional pets and follows mall hours.


        1319 Military Cutoff Rd. 28405


        2 South Front St. 28401


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