Jessi Bryson

Assistant Manager, Stonehenge Location

Jessi Bryson

A Raleigh North Carolina Native! I grew up in Raleigh, and have explored the many corners of the state. North Carolina offers so many different types of landscapes- from the Outer banks to the Blue Ridge Mountains. I enjoy being able to drive 2/3 hours either East or West and experiencing the different types of nature offered 

Ever since I was a little girl I had a love for dogs. I begged my parents to allow me to have a dog of my own. Eventually they caved in and Roca, a sable colored Papillon, came into my life. She became a part of my family and taught me the beautiful companionship that dogs have to offer. 

My family also owned two horses: Risky and Jordan. I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to groom, feed, and train a horse. Mucking the stalls was another story...

We also kept about a dozen chickens. They produced organic farm fresh eggs. My chickens were named Squeaky and Buddy. 


After attending college for a few semesters, I knew I wanted to go ahead and jump into the workforce. I started a job at an animal hospital and resort. I learned many responsibilities and care for dogs and cats. I worked in the doggy daycare every day, assisted in appointments, grooming, administering medications, and watched over recovering patients. 

My life long dream of becoming a veterinarian dissipated as I realized that I didn't so much enjoy sticking dogs with needles or seeing them during surgery. My stomach was/is much too weak for that. 

Starting my job at Unleashed taught me how to help dogs heal from the gut out. Yay! I don't have to assist in a surgery to help cure an issue...I can instead help people find the right dog food for their dogs' needs! Working at Unleashed has helped my dog in more ways than one. 


My fur-child is a Husky Lab German Shepherd Mix. He weighs about 40 lbs. He enjoys hunting, swimming, and eating. As a typical GSD, his stomach is very sensitive. He is allergic to Fish and Beef..which is found is a lot of dog food and treats. The only diet that works with his system is an all raw food diet. Anything other than raw food, his breath will stink and he breaks out in little rashes. Working at Unleashed allowed me to help my lil fur-baby's health in a way that will benefit him for many many years. He is one healthy boy!


I strive to continue to learn about pet nutrition and help dogs become as healthy as they possibly can be! 



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