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Katie Crumpler

Assistant Manager, Crabtree Valley Mall

About Katie...

Hi, I’m Katie! I'm passionate about pet nutrition, have years of experience in pet retail, and I would love to help your fur baby live the best life possible!

At home my furry (and not so furry) family includes a bearded dragon, a cat, a dog, and even a miniature horse! My dog and I enjoy long hikes and longer naps. My cat prefers the latter. 


 At Unleashed, I'm dedicated to our mission of providing the best products for every pet. Whether it's crafting the perfect bowl for your senior, finding the right holistic remedy for an itchy kitty, or picking out a tough toy for your teething pup, I'm here to ensure every pet thrives. Let's make every tail wag and purr a sign of health and happiness!

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