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Keiarah Rodgers

Assistant Manager, Parkway Plaza, Durham

Keiarah Rodgers

I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado until I was about 7 years old. My mother worked for American Airlines, the company asked her to decide between Detroit or North Carolina. She opted for Durham, NC in 2005. Growing up in Denver, I had my brothers and sisters as well as best friend Doja, she was the most friendliest Rottweiler (my favorite breed) ever known to man. My family and I ended up losing her, Colorado had/has some wacky laws about so called “aggressive” breeds. While transitioning from Denver to Durham, my mom and I were out one day. We parked next to a gray van that had the cutest apple head chihuahua ever, barking to his hearts desire at every passerby. I told my mom I wanted him and my brother agreed he did  as well. So we waited until the owner of van returned and my mother inquired about the spunky Chihuahua in the vans window. To our surprise she was looking to rehome Prince. The backstory on Prince was that he lived in a house with three Doberman brothers that loved to play and Prince of course was the prince of the house. My mom quickly said yes, and just like that me and brother ended up having one the best dogs we could ask for in our young lives. Prince and Sasha had 3 litters of puppies making some happy family members as well. Sasha and prince had 27 puppies in total and, boy was I ecstatic every time we had puppies in the house. Sasha was a deer head chocolate chihuahua who loved to be loved on. Once in North Carolina, I went through grades five to 12, graduating from Hillside High School in 2014 and graduating college from Hickey College Vet Tech Institute in 2018. I’ve always loved animals from small to large, going to school reinforced my love and passion for caring for animals. I was able to see so many interesting things in the veterinary hospital. During the pandemic, I was on indeed searching for a job, I came across an Unleashed job description and was absolutely interested in the position. Fast forward to working here at Unleashed, it has revamped my passion for caring for animals in a whole new way. Nutrition first and foremost was something that I always enjoyed, but I’m so fascinated about it even more than before. Being able to learn and talk about pet nutrition, has really been the best experience for me. I am able to keep my little man Tony Montana (my current puppy) in optimal health. Seeing the benefits through him has really helped me speak and feel more confident about what raw food can do for our fur-children. Tony is an 8 month old Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua mix, He’s my pandemic furbaby, who’s the perfect mix of JRT and chihuahua. He has the biggest personality and loves his mama.

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