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New Location!

Say what? You read that right!! We are very excited to announce that we here at Unleashed are adding our 10th store!

What's really awesome and special about this one, is that we are working with local owners of a wonderful existing store that are ready to retire. As Diane and LeAnn head into retirement (read more about them below), they are handing over the keys to their super cool Downtown Durham store to us! On March 1st, we will officially "adopt" Other End of the Leash and begin it's transformation into Unleashed, the Dog & Cat Store.

This shop has been running successfully for 9 years and we have heard nothing but amazing things about this place!! LeAnn Hinson and Diane Groff opened Other End of the Leash back in September of 2013. They are most known for their selection of dog and cat food, treats and other goodies such as their fresh baked treats! They both decided that it was time to retire and go enjoy retirement!

One reason we fell in love with this place was because they follow many of the same things that we practice and have in our stores. They are all about the same philosophies such as no wheat, corn, soy or by-products and also are all about sourcing as much from USA as possible.

They do carry many of the same things already, so any returning customers will not be left wondering where to go for good pet food and supplies!! And we promise to work with existing customers on keeping their current frequent buyer programs going!

We are excited and looking forward to our upcoming "adoption" and are even more excited to meet everyone who are loyal customers! We promise to bring local love and continue to always have the best things for your pets. We are also working with Diane and LeAnn on getting plugged into the community and keeping up with as much outreach and involvement as possible! Also, we are always open to suggestions!

We know that the Other End of the Leash customers are extremely important to Diane and LeAnn and we promise to take very good care of every single one. We know that they will be able to relax and enjoy their retirement much more knowing that their store is still going strong and the dogs and cats of Downtown Durham are being taken care of. So we are here for Diane and LeAnn, for their customers, for Unleashed customers, and for new customers to come. We can't wait to meet all of you!

Please stop in Sunday, February 27th from 11-5 for one last Other End of the Leash Yappy Hour to say goodbye to LeAnn and Diane. Owners of Unleashed, Amy and JP Phinney, will be stopping by from 3-5 if you would like to meet the new family in town!

Other End of the Leash/Unleashed of Downtown Durham

1000 W. Main St.

Ste 1C

Durham, NC 27701

To RSVP for this fun event, please go to our event here on Facebook!

*Note: you do not need this RSVP to attend, but we would like to see anyone interested!! And this helps spread the word!


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