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Caitlyn Heath

Assistant Manager, Southport

About Caitlyn...

Hi, my name is Caitlyn otherwise known as Goose! I am originally from Thomasville NC but have been coming to Southport and Oak Island with my family my whole life. My family has always been big dog lovers but thankfully in the past few years, I have influenced them into the loving world of cats as well. Although I would love to adopt every pet I see, right now I only have two.


For the past three years, my fiance and I have taken those two pets around the country, giving them the chance to see 38 states and go on many adventures with us. Our pup, Sundae, is a mini schnauzer who loves basking in the sun and playing “chase me” with his many toys. Our sassy tabby cat, Moonpie, on the other hand, loves nothing more than napping and teasing the birds from the safety of the inside. Even though we loved traveling, my fiance and I finally decided to settle down in Southport which led me to Unleashed.


Working here has taught me so much about what it means to be a good pet parent and the correlation between good nutrition and happiness. I love getting to meet new people and their pets in our community. When I’m not helping in the store I enjoy reading, crocheting, and of course, loving on the cutest pets around. I look forward to meeting your pet at the Southport store!

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