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Always under construction - useful links for local pet services, information, and more will be continually added.  If there is a service you would like to see here, please email

The staff of Unleashed often have dogs and cats in foster care. Click here to see the pets available. We also have lots of adoption events; check out our events for details. To search for adoptable pets near you, check out, or you can check out our links below for a list of local animal shelters. We also have bulletin boards at the stores of local dogs that need new homes.

Unleashed is dedicated to finding good homes for the millions of dogs that need them.  We strongly advocate adoption and do not sell puppies.  Click here to learn more about pet shop puppies, and beware of puppy scams such as this, Nigerian Bulldog Scam. There are lots of greats dogs and cats, mutts and pure-breeds, looking for good homes.  Please consider adopting a homeless pet! Save a dog from death row by searching for your favorite breed (or mix) at before it's too late.


Check Petfinder to find any age, breed, and size pet you are looking for:  

Find the perfect pet anytime anywhere:
-Home of 299,890 adoptable pets from 12,910 adoption groups (as of 3/8/17).

-Search for any breed, size, age, location


Dogs In Danger

-Give the gift of life to a dog with a euthanasia date on its head.  These dogs are on death row (but they are innocent!)

-You can search by breed and location. 

Adopt A Pet 

-Search for any breed, size, age, location

-search by size, age, breed, gender, and/or location

-offers pictures and information about dogs for adoption
-also lists shelters and rescue groups

-find the dog you want

Why Adopt?


Stop Puppy Mills


Puppy Buying Guide


Prisoners of Greed

Local Rescue Groups:


Best Friend Pet Adoption

"Helping you find a new best friend"

All Breed Animal Rescue of the Carolinas

H.E.A.R.T Pet Rescue

Cause For Paws

**We have lots more rescue groups that we love working with and are working to update this list!  

***Please also check out our annual fundraiser where we work with dozens of local rescue groups:  


Adopt from a local shelter:


As of 2008, shelters in N.C. euthanized approximately 70% of the animals they took in.  You can help reduce this number by adopting from your local shelter!

 Quotes below are taken from each organization's own website.

This section was updated 3/8/17.  Rates listed are varied: some include rabies, spay/neuter, etc. while others do not.  Please check the organization's website for details.

The numbers are here not to be negative, but to encourage you to help the animals in one of these organizations by adopting or donating.  Euthanasia rates are taken from the N.C. Public Health Website report.

This list was compiled purely to state some facts and with no bias towards one shelter or another.  Shelters are listed in random order.

Wake County Animal Control & Pet Adoption

"The Wake County Animal Center is the community animal shelter operated by Wake County Government that receives all lost, stray, abandoned and surrendered animals from the community."

In 2015, they had a euthanasia rate of 35% of cats, 17% of dogs.  On their website, they show the rates for each year.
Adoption Fees: cats $15 (plus $30 if needs spay/neuter); dogs $45 (plus $50 if needs spay/neuter)


Animal Protection Society of Durham 
"A not for profit organization that has been helping animals in our community since 1970, and has managed the Durham County Animal Shelter since 1990."

In 2015, they had a euthanasia rate of 63% of cats, 37% of dogs
Adoption Fees: cats $95 (or two for $145); dogs $100-$175


Franklin County Humane Society

"FCHS is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization comprised entirely of volunteers from Franklin County and throughout the state and country."   "Its immediate goals are to develop a strong foster program to remove adoptable animals from the Franklin County Animal Control facility and to decrease the number of unwanted dogs and cats in Franklin/North Wake counties through spay/neuter public education programs."

Euthanasia rates not found.
Adoption Fees: cats $50-$95; dogs $225-$250


Franklin County Animal Control

"Responsible for Animal Control and Animal Sheltering activities within Franklin County."

In 2015, they had a euthanasia rate of 73% of cats, 24% of dogs

Adoption Fees not found.


Harnett County Animal Control

"The purpose of this department is to protect Harnett County from rabies transmitted by unconfined, uncontrolled or un-immunized animals, to regulate dogs and other animals that may be a nuisance, and to insure all animals are treated in a humane manner."

In 2015, they had euthanasia rates of 33% of cats, 11% of dogs
Adoption Fees: all animals $30-$36


Rockingham County Animal Control
In 2015, they had euthanasia rates of 74% of cats, 39% of dogs

Adoption Fees:  Cats $65; Dogs $75


Greene County Animal Shelter

"Operated by the Greene County Health Department."
In 2015, they had euthanasia rates 0f 24% of cats, 12% of dogs
Adoption Fees: all animals $26

Burlington Animal Shelter

-operated by the City of Burlington.

In 2015, they had euthanasia rates 0f 58% of cats, 15% of dogs
Adoption Fees: cats $50; dogs $90


Orange County Animal Shelter

"Responsible for Animal Control and Animal Sheltering activities within Orange County." 
In 2015, they had euthanasia rates 0f 34% of cats, 21% of dogs
Adoption Fees: Cats $95; Dogs $115


Johnston County Animal Control
"We endeavor to keep adoptable pets as long as possible, but often they do not stay more than 10 days."

In 2015, they had euthanasia rates 0f 83% of cats, 39% of dogs
Adoption Fees: all animals $65


Wilson County Animal Control
Animal Enforcement Division within the Sheriff's Office. 

In 2015, they had euthanasia rates 0f 87% of cats, 43% of dogs
Adoption Fees: Fees range from $75-100. 

Nash County Animal Control
"Encourages good health care for animals in our county, especially to control the spread of rabies."

According to their page: "ALL of the pets listed are URGENT and at Risk of Death if not adopted or rescued quickly. Since we are so small, the turn-around time is swift!"

In 2015, they had euthanasia rates 0f 83% of cats, 21% of dogs
Adoption Fees: All animals $20. 

Lenoir County SPCA

"A 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to preventing animal cruelty, providing public education on responsible pet ownership, and encouraging community responsibility in decreasing the numbers of homeless cats and dogs."

In 2015, they had euthanasia rates 0f 56% of cats, 31% of dogs
Adoption Fees: Cats $45-$65, Dogs $115

Adopt from a local rescue:

SPCA of Wake County
"The SPCA of Wake County is a private, non-profit organization that serves the pets and people of the Wake County community."  Their mission is "to protect, shelter and promote the adoption of homeless animals; to provide education about responsible pet ownership and to reduce pet overpopulation through spay/neuter programs."


For a comprehensive list of rescues in your area, including all-breed, and breed specific, please click here​.

Get Spayed or Neutered:

Spay-Neuter Assistance Program of NC

     Mobile Low-Cost Spay-Neuter service

     A nationwide network and referral service for affordable spay/neuter services


The $20 Fix from

If you live in Orange, Wake, or Durham counties and are on a fixed income, you may qualify for the $20 Fix.​

Saving Lives Spay Neuter Clinic
A program of the SPCA of Wake County


Get Trained:


Our location at AniMall has training classes!  Call to inquire: 919-592-5277


Paws in Training

Dog Training & Behavior specialists 

All Dogs Allowed

Group and Private Training

Topline K9 Solutions

Group and Private Training, and Specialized Partner Classes

 Spend a day at the Park:


*Millbrook Dog Park  

     -North Raleigh: Millbrook Exchange Park, 1905 Spring Forest Road


*Oakwood Dog Park

     -Downtown Raleigh: next to the old Oakwood Cemetery in Historic Oakwood


*Flaherty Dog Park

     -Wake Forest: N. White Street


*Durham Dog Park

     -Piney Wood Park


 *Cary Dog Park

     -Cary: Goldbold Park, 2050 Northwest Maynard Road


 *Chapel Hill Dog Park

     -Homestead Park


*Fayetteville/Ft. Bragg Dog Park

     -40 Bastogne Dr.



     -offers travel guides and city guides of dog friendly places. 

     -lists parks, beaches, dining, campgrounds, and dog friendly events


Use local pet services:


Visit the store for business cards and brochures from these and more!


Four Paws and More...

Grooming, Pet Sitting, and Dog Walking



Pet sitting and more


Companion Chi

Animal Massage, Healing Touch for Animals, and Reiki


Portrait Paintings

Stop by the store to see a live sample!


Triangle Area Professional Pet Sitters

 Your resource for pet sitting professionals in the Triangle area


SleapEas..Zz Pet Sitting & Home Care Services

A professional, in-home pet sitting and dog walking service

serving Raleigh NC and surrounding areas


Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing

Locally owned and operated invisible fencing company


True Companion Pet Care

Provides caring and dependable pet sitting services for dogs, cats and small pets.

Raleigh Pet Sitters
Voted best Pet Sitting Service of the Triangle in 2015!

Serenity Pet Massage

Karma K9 Mobile Accupuncture


Get Informed and Involved:


Animal Protection Institute

-online resource for information and activism on a wide variety of animal protection issues and campaigns. A must read from API: Get The Facts: What’s Really in Pet Food


The Merck Veterinary Manual 

-"the single most comprehensive electronic reference for animal care information."


Toxic Greenery 

-list of plants harmful to dogs


Household Hazards to Pets

-list of harmful things around your house

 ASPCA Anti-Cruelty Center


Find out if it's too hot to take your dog along today

Pet Adoption and Recovory

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