Amy Phinney
Owner, Founder


April 1, 2007

NC State Fairgrounds, Raleigh, NC

A Stray for April Fool's Day


While speaking to a patron at my little doggie shop, I inquired about an adorable shaggy puppy.  An adorable little puppy that, I soon found out, was looking for a home.  The shaggy gray and white mutt had been picked up from the side of the road.  The kind lady that picked up the roughly 10 week old puppy posted signs and looked for it's owner.  After two weeks of no response she decided to turn the puppy over to the pound, but thought to walk it around the flea market first.  The little mutt found me.  I knew that as adorable as he was, finding a home would not be a problem so I agreed to take the dog and foster it so it would not have to go to a shelter. 


I was right - finding him a home was easy.  Lots of people were interested in the scruffy little cutie, including my own family.  Benny loved him, and he loved Benny.  He was a perfect fit. I tried out several names on the new guy, but none of them seemed to stick.  Until I came up with Smokey - smoke color, "On Top of Old Smokey," "Smokey the Bear," "Smokey Robinson," and now, Smokey the dog. After letting him visit at my parents' home for a while, they couldn't give him back.  So, another stray has a home.  And Benny has a brother (well, uncle I guess.)


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