Product Tester

Buttercup & Wesley


As our family grew, we decided that we were missing out on feline love in our house, and Unleashed was missing out on true feline product testers!  So in spring of 2010, we headed to the Wake County Animal Control Shelter and snuggled the kittens.  We soon fell in love with two kittens, a boy tuxedo and a female tabby.  We decided to adopt them both and name them after a favorite movie of ours, "The Princess Bride."  "Princess" Buttercup, and Wesley (not exactly the same spelling as the movie I realize), "the Dread Pirate Roberts" have made the perfect addition to our family.  With two different personalities, we have just the right amount of kitty snuggles, kneading, face licking, and intense purring to go around.   


        2460 Wycliff Rd. 27607


       7414 Creedmoor Rd. 27613


       329 Blake St. 27601


       4325 Glenwood Ave. K2- Kiosk 27612


       Please note this is a mall kiosk: selection is limited & hours vary.


        2066 Kildaire Farm Rd. 27518


  • Unleashed At Animall: New location TBA


        1319 Military Cutoff Rd. 28405


        2 South Front St. 28401


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Crabtree Valley Mall: Mon-Sat 10-9, Sun 12-7

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