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Mckenna Lantz

Assistant Manager, Market and Front

Mckenna Lantz

Hello, my name is Mckenna. I am originally from a small town in Ohio(GO BUCKEYES!) called Archbold and then moved to Wilmington in 2019. I moved here to finish my bachelors degree in social work at UNCW. Growing up, I've always had a passion for animals from taking in stray cats to adopting some pet ducks; I've always loved caring for and being with animals. My best friend of thirteen years has four little white paws and a curly pig tail and her name is Keeda and she is my Icelandic Sheepdog that I've raised since a pup. Also don't let her age fool you! She's a little firecracker and still insist on her daily game of fetch. Keeda and I met Kylee (Black lab/pit mix) and her beloved human in 2021 and the four of us have been inseparable since. We have also "adopted" a friendly neighborhood cat who visits for her daily treats.


Our animals won't be with us forever, but to them, we are their whole life. That is why I am providing my pups with the best love and care I can as well as the best nutrition Unleashed has to offer in order to live long healthy, happy lives. At the end of the day, nothing feels better than coming home to a wagging tail who loves you unconditionally, no matter the circumstances. That is why, Our mission at Unleashed is to provide the best a dog or cat can get, at affordable prices, so every dog or cat can be as happy and healthy as ours.

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