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Dog Nutrition and Wellness Information

After much research, Amy, Unleashed's owner & founder, discovered that many of the products available for our dogs and cats are dangerous and/or very unhealthy.  There are many ingredients in treats and foods that have been linked to cancer and other diseases.  Many dogs have allergies to common ingredients.  Many chews may cause an obstruction and lead to expensive surgery, or even death.  This lead Amy to dedicate herself to spending hours reading labels and researching chews to provide only the best, and safest products for her pets and yours.  


This research has lead to very strict standards at Unleashed, and the following is only the tip of the ice berg, so to speak.  Here are a few ingredients commonly found in pet foods and treats (even some “natural” and “premium” brands), that you won't find at Unleashed:

Propylene Glycol: Also used in antifreeze. May cause skin and eye irritation; respiratory, immuno, and neurotoxicity; Central Nervous System depression; kidney damage; banned in cat food.

By-products/Digest/Meat (non-specific): Waste consisting of animal carcasses not for human consumption - can include feet, heads, intestines, feathers - also called 4-D animals: "dead, dying, diseased or disabled"- not required to contain any real meat; may contain dogs, cats, euthanized animals (including the pentobarbital used to euthanize them), and road kill. 

Chemical Preservatives (BHA, BHT, EQ): Carcinogens (cancer-causing), may also cause hives, fever, headache, wheezing, and asthma; may affect kidneys, thyroid, stomach, and reproduction; can cause endocrine, gastrointestinal, liver, respiratory, skin, immuno and neurotoxicity, and aggressive behavior; is banned in some countries.


Rawhide: May cause cancer, sore throat, intestinal blockage and acute pancreatitis; no standard processing exists. Companies may use arsenic, lead, mercury, chromium salts, and formaldehyde.  Also causes intestinal blockages.


Corn and Wheat: Inexpensive sources of fiber that serve as filler ingredients to add bulk. No nutritional value; common allergens in dogs and cats.  Almost always GMO.


Artificial Flavors and Colors: May cause cancer and kidney problems; unnecessary additives.  Also causes behavioral issues.


Excessive Salt: Enough occurs naturally; excess may lead to high blood pressure and cardiovascular toxicity.

Refined Sugars: An unnecessary ingredient, added to make the product more attractive. Continuous intake can promote hypoglycemia, obesity, nervousness, cataracts, tooth decay, arthritis and allergies; very addictive.


Soybeans: Poor quality filler used to boost the protein content; may contain MSG; difficult to digest and assimilate, esp. for dogs; 90% are GMO; known to cause gas build-up in the digestive tract and bloat.


These are just a few of the many undesirable ingredients found in many foods and treats, including some "natural" and "premium" brands. Read your labels! We do, and guarantee that you will not find these things in our products here at Unleashed.

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