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Roy & Sue

Roy and Sue are better known as Amy's parents.  It was no coincidence that the lease for Unleashed, the Dog & Cat Store, was signed only a week before Roy's retirement from IBM.  After twenty years in the Army, and fifteen years at IBM, Roy thought he was on the path to hammocks, beaches, and S'mores.  Sue, who did two years in the Navy, and many years of working for the government, the last of which being for the National Institutes of Environmental Health Services, had retired first and already done most of the fixing up of the house that could be done.  So, they were set to relax and enjoy their retirements traveling the country in their RV.  On the weekends they had helped Amy with the flea market, which is where they got their puppy, Smokey, but never imagined what was to come.  As soon as his office was cleared out, Roy and Sue began tearing up the floor of an old Dollar Store.  They helped paint, stain, and put up shelves.  Roy designed and built the front pen where the dogs hang out and secured it so that even if a hurricane ripped through the store, that pen isn't going anywhere.  They did eventually get to take a vacation and enjoy their retirement, but they are always at the store when needed most.  The best part is that they have embraced the vision at Unleashed and truly enjoy helping people with their dogs.  They once scoffed at the price of a bag of "natural" dog food Amy bought Benny, but now they see the benefits and also realize that the food they sell doesn't actually cost more per feeding.  They are extremely supportive and Unleashed really couldn't exist without them.  And they can't ever say that their retirement is boring!

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