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Samantha Smario

Manager, Parkway Plaza & Downtown Durham

Sam Smario

Issa me, Smario!


If you asked my mom what I wanted every birthday growing up, she would tell you that it was always a pet! I loved all dogs and cats I came across, and I always felt like I accomplished the world when I found their favorite spot to be scratched.


I’ve loved animals all my life and I knew I wanted to work with them one way or another, let alone be around them. Not only have I been in pet retail for over four years, but my (fur)family has only grown over that time! I have a Carolina dog named Sasha, a gray tabby named Minmo, a senior black cat named Shadow, a Tuxedo cat named Nacho, and a Siamese/Calico mix named Honey! I think it’s safe to say I’m living up to 10 year old me’s expectation in life. 


A quote I have always loved, and truly believe in, goes: “You can’t save the world by saving every pet, but for that pet, you saved their world.” 


Here at Unleashed, I’ve found a place that embodies that. 


I can’t wait to meet you at our Durham stores and swap stories on how special our lives have become having animals in it!

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