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Who We Are

  • Locally owned & Operated

  • NOT affiliated with Petco or Unleashed, by Petco

  • A true "mom & pop" store

Unleashed, the Dog & Cat Store is your local Mom and Pop Shop! Go to the link below to learn more about us!

Our Mission

We are also passionate about helping local animals in need and giving back to our local community.  

To provide the best a dog and cat can get at affordable prices so that every dog and cat can be as happy and healthy as ours!

Our Services 

  • FREE Nutritional Counseling

  • Self-Service Dog Wash

  • Meeting Area (some locations)

  • Rescue Resource: Adoption Events, Dog Wash Fundraisers, & More

  • FREE Pet Spoiling :) 

In addition to great supplies, we also offer...
We have anything from self service dog washes to nutrition consultations!

Our Standards

  • No food products made in, packaged in, or sourced from China

  • No wheat, corn, or soy in any food products

  • No by-products,  propylene glycol, menadione

  • No chemical preservatives (such as BHA, BHT, EQ) or artificial flavors

  • No Rawhides

Only natural & safe food, treats, chews and other goodies 
Only products good enough for our own pack
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