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Small business owners receiving an award

Unleashed, the Dog & Cat Store is...

  • Locally owned & Operated

  • NOT affiliated with Petco or Unleashed, by Petco

  • A true "mom & pop" store

Who We Are

We are also passionate about helping local animals in need and giving back to our local community.  

Our Mission

To provide the best a dog and cat can get at affordable prices so that every dog and cat can be as happy and healthy as ours!

Our Standards

Only natural & safe food, treats, chews and other goodies

Only products good enough for our own pack
  • No food products made in, packaged in, or sourced from China

  • No wheat, corn, or soy in any food products

  • No by-products,  propylene glycol, menadione

  • No chemical preservatives (such as BHA, BHT, EQ) or artificial flavors

  • No Rawhides

Our Services

In addition to great supplies, we also offer...
  • FREE Nutritional Counseling

  • Self-Service Dog Wash

  • Meeting Area (some locations)

  • Rescue Resource: Adoption Events, Dog Wash Fundraisers, & More

  • FREE Pet Spoiling :) 

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