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Let's talk with Dr. Sheehan, DVM

We have always specialized in nutrition for dogs and cats, and it is probably our biggest passion. We give free pet food consults and are always on top of changes in the pet food industry. Recently, there has been much additional confusion over what to feed our pets. If you haven't already read our page about DCM & Pet Food, check it out here:

We also are strong believers in 2nd, 3rd... 6th opinions, so we were excited that a veterinarian as passionate about nutrition as us made herself available to our customers and employees for a FREE, in-person, ask anything, Q&A. Dr. Sheehan is a passionate, knowledgeable, esteemed holistic veterinarian with her own practice, that draws people from near and far- and she graciously shared openly with us for two Q&A sessions.

We know many of our customers and employees wanted to attend but were unable, so I will share with you both of the sessions; one that took place in our downtown Wilmington store on Front St. and one that took place in our Cary Towne Center location. The sessions were quite long, so I have done my best with limited resources and time, to condense them into something that you might have the time to watch. I apologize ahead for the crude editing, but it's not about fancy videography and editing; it's about the insights that Dr. Sheehan shared with us, and now with you.

First up, here's a shortened version- 33 minutes- of Dr. Sheehan's Q&A from 8/13 at Unleashed on Front St. (2 S. Front St. Wilmington, NC). Enjoy.


Second, here's a shortened (although not as shortened) version- 56 minutes- of Dr. Sheehan's Q&A from 8/14 at Unleashed at AniMall in Cary Towne Center Mall (Cary, NC).

We hope that this has been helpful for you. Please visit any Unleashed, the Dog & Cat Store location to view the products recommended and approved by Dr. Nicole Sheehan and for additional information.

Thanks for loving your pets so much!

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