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July Promo: Austin & Kat

Have you heard of or tried Austin & Kat's CBD products??

This month is the last month you can take advantage of a GREAT deal they have going!

This month's promo is:

Get $10 off all Functional CBD Oils: No More Wiggles, Senior, Hip & Joint, and Immunity.

Have you tried using CBD products on your pet yet? Here are some great reasons to try it out:

- Anxiety

- Stress

- Pain (arthritis & joint)

- Skin Issues

- Health Issues

- Old Age

- and much more!

Is it your first time and you aren't sure where to start?

1st - Breathe! It is okay and very easy!

2nd - Start with 2mg for every 10 pounds (also there is a cool chart on the box and on the bottle!)

3rd - Consistency is key! You should treat CBD Oils like medicine. It won't kick in for your pet right away, so make sure you do 2 doses a day with around 4-8 hours in between for 3 days straight. Some dogs take this as their daily routine and some take it because of something that stresses them out.

> Read more here on more of a "how-to".

** Make sure once you have opened the oil to store it in the fridge!!

What is the difference between Hemp and CBD?

To break it down really easy, and as Austin & Kat put it, "Hemp is the plant and CBD is a compound from within it"

and no... it will not get your pet high!

If you want to go IN DEPTH and learn all about Hemp and everything there is to know about it, here is the link to their page that answers EVERYTHING about it!

Here are a few pieces that I pulled from their website that explain it well!

"What are the benefits to using CBD with my pet?

CBD interacts with a pet’s endocannabinoid system - the central regulatory system known to affect bodily processes such as digestion, anxiety, mood, discomfort, and sleep. CBD also contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and contains antioxidants which can have long term health benefits.

What are cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are naturally occurring antioxidants that help the body to manage stress and balance daily life.

Is all CBD oil the same? Not all CBD extracts are equal - we never use ultra-processed hemp oils. To save time and money, most companies produce ultra-processed hemp oils that are manipulated and adulterated at an industrial scale.

What is ultra-processed CBD? Like comparing pre-sliced white bread to a nice homemade whole grain loaf, ultra-processed hemp oils are lower quality extracts that contain little else but CBD.

Do ultra-processed CBD oils work the same? Without the synergizing effects of other cannabinoids and terpenes, inferior ‘CBD-only’ oils miss the mark on delivering hemp’s full collection of long-lasting benefits."

Find even more FAQ's here!!

Want to just go straight to the website and see it all for yourself? Click here!

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