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August Promo: Primal

This month, we have Primal back, but this one is for Cat parents!

  • Cat Raw Food for $3 off 1lb-3lb

  • Cat Freeze Dried $3 off 14oz bags

Elevate your cat’s health with our lineup of complete & balanced bases, specially crafted to provide all of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients they need to thrive with the convenience of being shelf stable.

Cats can end up having kidney issues more than normal due to not having enough hydration in their diet. Primal's options are a great alternative for your cat along with having great shelf stable life.

Transitioning your cat to raw food?

They require meat protein for optimal health. Eating meat-based, biologically-appropriate raw foods is key to a healthy diet. Your cat will be the living proof.

Click here to follow Primal's steps on transition and tips they have!


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