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July Promo: Pet Releaf

Pet Releaf is having a HUGE deal this month!!

BOGO! Buy 1 Bag of Blueberry/Cranberry Edibites and get another bag for FREE!

*Keep in mind this is ONLY for Regular Size and NOT Large Breed Bags

IF you happened to be at Spring Fling this past year, you might have gotten these in your bags at the Easter Egg Hunt!!

These Edibites are Immunity Boosting and have full spectrum hemp oil in them!! To read more about these Edibites, click here to read more info!

What is CBD?

Well, it is found in the cannabis plant family which is found in the hemp plant and has a lot of benefits. It does not get your pets high, but it does help them with many things such as stressors, pain and much more. If you want to get more nitty-gritty, click here and see what they have to say on their blog!

"At Pet Releaf, we believe our pets are equal members of the family. When we began developing our CBD hemp oil for pets it became clear that in order to manufacture not only the highest quality hemp-derived CBD pet products but also the most effective, we had to oversee the entire process, from seed to sale, from plant to pet " - Pet Releaf

Pet Releaf's Hemp Seed is 100% human grade and is all sourced from U.S. family farms!

You can read all about the amazing things Pet Releaf does and the benefits it has for your animals and why you should us their products here!

"CBD can support your pet’s overall health by activating the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This vital system can affect your pet’s digestion, heart health, cognition, and memory, so there is no shortage of potential CBD oil benefits your pet might enjoy. Plus, our natural pet products are created with high-quality ingredients, each of which is specifically chosen to improve one or more aspects of your pet’s overall wellness." - Pet Releaf

Read more about them here on their website!


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