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July Promo: Primal Freeze Dried Food

Have you tried Primal yet?? Well now is the PERFECT time!

This month's promo for Primal is:

Freeze Dried Primal Formulas for both Dogs and Cats - 25% off of the 5.5oz bags

Have you never tried Freeze Dried or maybe weren't too sure how it works? Well here we break it down real quick for you so you get a better understanding of it!

It is really easy and is very close to raw food without it being raw and having to worry about the freezer!

Here are some tips when feeding your pets...

Cool thing about freeze dried is that you are not losing any of the nutritional value from the raw! Only thing missing is the moisture, which you can add back by rehydrating with water, goats milk, or any of the Primal broths that we have! (For best results, break apart the nuggets so they can soak up the moisture easier and quicker). We highly recommend rehydrating these as it will add to the nutritional value.

It will tell you on the bag how much liquid to put in, but easiest thing to do is to put a little splash in the bowl!

Where should I store this food one I opened it?

We suggest in a cooler area, but try squeezing the air out of the bag first before re-sealing it to get maximum freshness

IF you are new to feeding freeze dried, here is an article from their website to follow (click here)

Have other questions about it? Here is their FAQ section that you can read more on (click here)


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