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New Product: Fromm Family Pet Foods

Hello Unleashed friends and family! We wanted to take a minute to talk about our latest new product addition! We work hard every day to fulfill our mission, which is “to provide the best a dog and cat can get, at affordable prices, so that every dog and cat can be as happy and healthy as ours.” With rising prices all around us, the affordable piece of our mission is something that we are extra focused on these days. We are pretty obsessed with good nutrition. With rising food costs we know that that can be challenging so we are constantly on the lookout for affordable pet food diets that meet our strict nutrition and quality requirements. We keep an open dialogue with the pet food brands that we carry in our stores to make sure that they maintain the quality that we require, as well as with brands that we do not carry to follow them as they make changes and to keep them in mind for when they might become a good fit. Sometimes, foods that we previously had reasons for not carrying, become viable options, and we look into where they fit our mix. One such brand is Fromm Family Pet Foods. Previously, we were not impressed by some aspects of Fromm and we didn't see them as a good fit for the mix of foods that we offer in our stores. However, through our continued open communication with them, we are now happy with the direction that they are going and have found several of their formulas to be a good fit and offer a value option for our customers. We are not adding all of their formulas, as many of them still do not fit our strict requirements (for example, we will not offer foods that use vegetable derived fractionated proteins as a main protein source.) With that in mind, we have read through every ingredient label, talked with Fromm about each item, and hand-selected the Fromm foods that meet our requirements and help us with our mission of offering affordable prices. We think that these selected formulas will be the just right food for some or our customers, and add a nice variety to rotational feeding for many more.

We hope that you enjoy these new varieties of both cat and dog foods that you will find at Unleashed, and consider adding one or more of them to your rotation. If you have questions about rotational feeding, i.e. worried about upset stomach, please ask an associate or manager at any Unleashed- we love rotational feeding and do a lot of training on this! Furthermore, always let us know if there’s something that you think we should reconsider, or perhaps a new brand for us to open lines of communication with. We love creating relationships and helping improve the lives of pets in our own corner of the world, and elsewhere!

Thanks for your support,

Amy & JP, owners

Unleashed, the Dog & Cat Store

P.S. To learn more about Fromm Family Pet Foods, visit their website:

PP.S. To learn more about our mission and our strict food requirements, visit our website here:


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