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Must knows for 4th of July and your pet!

The big holiday is approaching fast and we hope you and your pet are prepared for all the fun things to come... or maybe not so fun for your pet.

Does your dog or cat get super anxious with fireworks?

Have you ever tried a CBD or Homeopet Oil before??

If you haven't ever tried CBD before, right now is the PERFECT time to try! We have our monthly promo going on until the end of June for Pet Releaf and Austin & Kat (you can check them out here!). These are both amazing options for CBD and all you do is chose if you want to give your pet the chew or give them oil, and then you follow the instructions on the packaging of how much to give! For best results, give the CBD at least 1-2 hours before fireworks are to start so it has time to get in their system. Below, you can see some of our CBD options, but there are more in store!

Another option is Homeopet Fireworks. This is an oil that can put directly in their mouth and/or a treat. This aids in helping with hiding and shaking. This you can administer about an hour beforehand and follow the directions on the packaging!

Another GREAT option are the Thunder Shirts! These are little shirts that are a tight fitting shirt and gives the sense of a hug or like if you were to use a weighted blanket! These are great for the more anxious pup!!

Come to one of our stores today to pick up your holiday essentials!

Also don't forget some fun treats and toys to keep them happy on these hot days! We have awesome and fun options for making cold treats for them to enjoy to cool off! Below are some photos of the options you can get from one of our stores!

Get any Goat Milk from Answers or Primal, get the Messy Mutt silicone molds or an ice cube tray. If you want to add another element, you could add pumpkin or a bone broth. Pour them in, and a little spoonful of pumpkin, and throw in the freezer for roughly 2-3 hours (or until frozen!).

Our stores will be open with different hours on 4th of July!

10-4: Southport


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